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Christmas Light Safety

Decorate this year with the mind of an electrician


Decorate this year with the mind of an electrician. Let’s make sure that we are using the best safety practices when it comes to Christmas lights which can be more hazardous than you think! Luckily, we have compiled a list of things to think of when you are making this Holiday festive!?

1. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE CORRECT LIGHTS. Different kinds of lights are rated for indoor and outdoor use, as well as extension cords! You want to make sure that you are using outdoor lights for outside to reduce risk of shock or water damage.

2. WATER YOUR TREE EVERYDAY. Sometimes twice a day if needed. Keep checking your tree to see if it needs to be watered. Dry trees and hot electric lights DON’T MIX WELL!

3. GET SOME LED LIGHTS. LED Christmas lights put off little to no heat and also save you a ton on electricity so you can keep them lit all day without thinking twice.

4. HAVE A SPOTTER. When hanging your outdoor lights using a ladder, make sure you have someone holding that ladder and making sure it is secure.

5. BE CAUTIOUS WITH CORDS. I know you may want to be Clark Griswold but let’s do it safely!! Make sure you dont put too many lights on one outlet or extension cord. Wrap all connectors with electrical tape to keep water out. Don’t put lights across your walkway, its a trip hazard. Don’t put lights under rugs or across doorways, this is a shock and fire risk.

6. ALWAYS CHECK YOUR LIGHTS FIRST. Not only to make sure they work, because it REALLY isnt fun having to take down lights that didnt work but to make sure they all light up bright and dont short out when lit. If you find frayed or melted wires, TOSS THEM it’s not worth the risk.

You don’t need an electrician to hang out Christmas lights but its always good to think like one when dealing with anything electric! If you need us for Christmas light outlet and switch install, call us today for a FREE quote! 281-816-3902

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